Ultra 11 Data recovery

After just over a year my 480gb Ultra 11 drive apears to have died. Lap top wouldn’t boot s tried all the normal stuff and nothing. Put the original HDD back in and laptop boots up first time. I’ve tride accessing the SSD through a docking station but the drive is not found. 

Whilst I had a lot of data backed up there is still a lot I would realy like to get back.  I’ve tried using the free version of EaseUS data recovery but not surprisingly that can’t see the drive either.   SanDisk have adivised a company called Kroll.  My gut feeling is all is lost and I’d be wasting my time and possable money.   So just wondering if anyone has been in the same situation as me and did mangage to get their data recovered

Thanks in advance

if the drive is not detected by any system data recovery software will not work. you will need to send it to a company that provides data recovery services. While data recovery is not 100% successful most companies do not charge if the data recovery attempt is not successful. I would recommend contacting a few data recovery companies and find one you would like to work with. 

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I losted all of data from my desktop harddisk. what can I do?

Agree with this comment 100%