Re: SanDisk Extreme SSD Support resource page and FAQ

My Sandisk Extreme  120 GB has faild to boot. Booting it on sata hangs the computer, partitions are visible in diskutility, but hangs if any thing is tryed to fix the partitions or initialize the disk.

How do I recover my data?

Please let me know my options.


Hopefully you have backups. All data on an SSD is encrypted so depending on the type of failure data recovery may not be possible. That said if you do not have backups you can contact a company like LC technologies to inquire about data recovery. 

Arthur…Or you have the option of going over to Knoll Ontrack Data Recovery and pickup one of the DIY EasyRecovery Professional software. Technicians available to walk you through the process, if need be. I have used the EasyRecovery Pro software, myself, on a number of my SSDs with great results.


All the best!  Hope this helps.