Help! SDSSDP-128G-G25 data recovery

Hello all,

I have a 128G SSD that cannot be recognized by the BIOS.  Tried it on multiple PCs, tried different SATA ports, even tried it on a Lenovo laptop.  None recognized this drive.  It looks like the controller is out. 

I’m wondering if any one here have successfully recovered data from the Sandisk SSD before??  I would greatly appreciate if any one can share the contact of a good data recovery company. 

Many thanks in advance!



Hi drlucky,

I have already called LC Technology.  It seems that Sandisk only recommends LC Tech.  Hopefully Sandisk provides them the complete schematics, datasheets of all components to help LC with their job.  I just would like to know if any one has worked with LC in the past, and how is their sucess rate. 

Anyway, I will ship the drive to them tonight and see what they says.