SSD Migrate


I’ve just bought a 240GB Sandisk Extreme SSD from Bestbuy few days ago. I’m using a Macbook pro that has 700GB HDD and it has multi-OS Bootup also. since the HDD capacity is way larger than the SSD, now i’m having trouble to clone my current HDD to the SSD. Can anybody please tel me how to it? I really appriciate for your help

what application are you using to clone the drive? also do you ahve more data than the capacity of the SSD or is it just the partition size? most modern cloning apps will clone to the small SSD or even have an migrate to SSD option. IF you ahve more data than will fit on the SSD you will have to move the data to another drive or if the cloning app has the option exclude some of the folders. 

More like a selective cloning than a full clone itself. Never heard of something that could do this so far but would love any ideas out there.