I have a Transcend SSD370 (512gb) in my laptop and want to replace this with Sandisk Extreme Pro SSD (480gb).

I have a cloning device which is not accepting the SanDisk as the destination drive becuase the capacity is less than the source drive.

Is there a way for me to reduce the Transcend capacity to less than 480gb so that the cloning is possible (in a way that the excess 32g in Transcend is hidden/eaten-up/burned and the Cloning device reads the Transcend SSD as being less than 480gb).


you can convert the disk to a dynamic disk and then shrink the partition which may allow you to clone. or the sandisk SSD dashboard has a offer in the tools section for a one time clone software made by apricorn.  this software can go from larger to smaller disks and it will automatically resize the partition size. it also works with any USB cable or external enclosure. That may be an option for you as well.