Problems cloning the SSD Extreme using EZ Gig IV software.

I just bought the Scandisk SSD and I am trying to clone my present 250G HD onto it (120G). The EZ Gig IV software will recognize the source disk and the destination disk. However, when I click the ‘next’ button the software justs freezes up and will not do anything. When I click the ‘next’ button the software is supposed to inform me that my source drive is larger than my destination drive and it should give me the option to ‘data select’ the files that I want to copy to the SSD. My SATAWire cable that came with the software must be working ok because I was able to run the SSD Tool Kit software and it could read the information on the SSD Extreme HD without any problems. My pc is a seven year old Hewlett Packard running Windows XP.

I would like to use the SSD in place of my current drive but unfortunately I can’t get past the setup phase. Any suggestions?!!! 

how much data is on your HDD? if it is not more than 120GB then data select does not come up IIRC. this product is made by apricorn so you may want to shoot them the questin as well

My HDD is 250G and the SSD is 120G. I am currently waiting on a response from Apricorn. Thanks for your input.

Perhaps you need to set it somewhere that you are cloning to an SSD instead of the traditional HDD. Have you had any word from them yet?