Clone SATA drive to (smaller) SSD drive

I’m gonna try to make this short, for everyone’s sake

I’ve got a Windows 7 laptop with a single “standard” hard drive installed.   The drive is the boot drive, 320G, of which approximately 110G is in use (and if necessary, I could clean that up even more).

I want to clone that drive to a SanDisk SSD Plus 240G drive, and then put the old one away.

Help?   How do I do that?

If that’s TRULY impossible, does anyone know how/where I can change the system / chrome browser to use the SSD drive as its paging / swap file location?

Thank you!



in that case you can use the ez gig software to clone the drive to the smaller one. it does not matter that the full capacity of the drive is larger than the new ssd, the important is how large the system files are. So in that case you will have no issue to clone the drive with the software