cloning issues hdd to sandisk ultra ll ssd. please help!


I have been unable to successfully clone from my original 1.5tb hdd to my new 480gb ultra ll on Win 7. The amount of data on my original drive is only 197gb, so there shouldn’t be a problem cloning to a new 480gb ssd. I have tried both Macrium Reflect, and Aomei backupper software. The result was similar for both. The cloning process completes successfully, but not all of the data actually gets copied. The amount of data put on target disk is less than what was on the source disk, and is not bootable.

I am not very technically inclined, so I am limited with trying to troubleshoot my way out of this predicament.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

i have never used either of those applications so I cant really speak for them. SanDisk offers a one time use free cloning software through their SSD dashboard. download and install the ssd dashboard and on the tools tab there is an offer for apricorn cloning software. I would suggest using that. 

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Thanks for the advice. I tried the other two programs because they were recommended on the tomshardware forum. I’m not sure how many I should have to try before I find one that actually works. This makes me think there is some other problem preventing a perfect bootable clone. This is a desktop win 7 computer, and I have the ssd installed inside via sata data cable and power cable. I welcome any other advice.

Thanks again

I had similar issues when I try clone my old HDD with bad sectors + reflect software but I managed to do it eventualy.

Ill tell you my success with reflect, i think is same problem you have since point 4 is the critical thing you must fallow carefull

1º create a disk image with bad sector ignore, DONT save that image to ur new SSD or target source.

2º create a resque disk of reflect on ur CD/USB drive, you can do this inside reflect program.

3º boot reflect with ur USB/CD

4º restore image and select ur new SSD, click on the partition properties and manualy remove space from them till you have at least 100gb “unalocated space” on ur SSD, so if your old HDD only used only l 200gb and rest free space just put on ur SSD total of 250gb and let all remaining space as “unalocated” space.

5º after finish remove ur usb/cd and ur old HDD, try boot from ur new SSD, windows will get u a boot error wich you can fix easy if you insert ur USB/CD of windows and check boot errors.

6º After success, just go windows and check ur SSD for errors+fix them with windows chkdsk and exapand ur new SSD space with the remaining “unalocated” space.

Is how managed to work for me, from a 500gb hdd with bad sectors to the 480gb sandisk SSD.