Acronis cloning software doesn't recognize Ultra II

I have a 960G Ultra II SSD, originally cloned/installed in another computer, now securely erased/reformated and being repurposed into a new PC. I’m trying to clone the new PC’s hard drive to the Ultra II.  I don’t recall what cloning software was provided when the drive was originally purchased and since the drive’s been wiped I no longer have a copy of whatever it was.

I have the drive attached to a USB3 port via a SATA/USB3 cable, and the SanDisk Dashboard recognizes the drive just fine.  Selecting the Tools tab in the Dashboard gives me a link for Acronis drive cloning software. I’ve downloaded that and tried to install it but I get an “Installation Restricted” message because the sofware does not recognize any SanDisk drive.

Am I still able to get a one-use copy of cloning software for the Ultra II, or is that offer a one-shot deal that I’ve already used for the original installation?  Thanks.

the cloning software is a one shot deal. Are you trying to clone the same HDD to the SSD? if not it should allow you to clone again. 

What kind of USB to SATA cable are you using? Some USB to SATA cables do not pass the drive info through so the cloning software may not be able to identify the drive as a sandisk drive. 

If you have a desktop PC you should be able to connect the SSD and HDD as secondary drives and they should allow you to clone. 

If that is not possible you may want to contact sandisk support and see if they have any recommendations. 

3 weeks ago I used Acronis home V11 to back up my W7-64 500Gb Segate Momemtux XT onto an external USB drive, and then restored it onto a Sandisk Ultra II 960 Gb, and I couldn’t have been happier with the results!!!  Flawless Operation!