A tale of three ssd drives

hi, I bought ssd drives to replace in three laptops. I upgraded an old laptop with an Ultra Pluse drive with no problem, using sandisk’s usb adapter and OEM version of Acronis. I was stumped by the other two upgrades, the OEM software refused to recognize the drives even though the dashboard did.   I concluded after a few rounds with sandisk support that there was some problem with the drives, in spite of that being highly unlikely, so I got a replacement from the store. same problem with the new drives, even though the Dashbord recognized the drives and I was able to initialize one of them in Windows 10. Since I own the full version of Acronis on one of my computers, I ran the experiment again, and the 1TB drive I bought was cloned with no problem.

My conclusion is that there is a problem with the OEM cloning software. I suspect this bug is responsible for the many complaints I have read online regarding the USB adapter, which for me worked flawlessly.

I was misled in this process because the first drive had previously been cloned from another machine, and was recognized by the OEM product.

is there another way around this? I still need to upgrade another machine but really don’t want to put a full copy of Acronis on the machine, even though the cloning software in the latest acronis version (2019) is far superior to the old version provided by sandisk.


update. just for fun, and to satisfy my instincts as a carrer QA guy, I did the following

  1. initialized the SSD, drive not recognized by OEM software

  2. partitioned the SSD, drive not recognized by OEM software

  3. formatted the SSD, drive not recognized by OEM software.

  4. Burned one of my licenses for Acronis tru Image 2016 and cloned the drive. this was successful

my conslusion is that the OEM software does not work at all with this drive model. I wasted a lot of time previously trying to determine where the problem lay. I was misled as well because the OEM cloning software worked perfectly on an earlier model.

by the way Acronis Tru Image 2019 is even easier. I cloned a larger drive on another laptop using that version. it’s a powerful backup and security product that is worth the investment. I do not work for the company nor do I directly own any stock.


Hi Probley,

can you provide your case number when intereacting with our support? I can look up the case and see what we can do for you.