Sounds like a 45 playing at 33 1/3

I have the .20 firmware update and use media monkey to transfer my mp3 files to the Sansa Clip.  I had three songs that when played sounded like they were being played at the wrong speed.  I used windows media player and media monkey to play the tracks directly from the Sansa memory and they played fine.  Whats up with that?  I deleted the songs from the Sansa to get around the problem for now.

FWIW, I’ve noticed that too.  I don’t know enough about MP3 encoding to know why that would happen.  Good tests would be:

  1. Copy the same songs to the Clip in some other way (say, drag-and-drop while in MSC mode), and see if the same problem occurs.  If yes, the problem was possibly due to some corruption of the file (header?) by MM that causes the Clip to misinterpret the playback speed (or bitrate?).

  2. Assuming you synced in MTP mode, try syncing the same songs in MTP mode using another music manager, such as Windows Media Player.  In other words, try to isolate the problem to MM.

  3. See if the problem is reproducible (sync with MM again).  If so, you may want to search/ask in the MediaMonkey forum.

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