Sansa Clip plays music too slow



i bought a SansaClip 2GB today and I’m disappointed. In my ears the music sounds disharmonic and with lowly temperament. So i checked, if the mp3s are played with the correct speed and i found out, that my Clip plays them approx. 2% slower than it should. Very odd if You aks me.


Now I consider wether to give it back or let replace it. So I would like to know, if only my Clip makes this problem or if all models are affected. Could You please check, if your clip plays music in correct tempo? There are two simple ways to find out:


1) Start a song on the clip and at the same time start a stopwatch. Until the end of the title both times should be equal. In my case a 4 min mp3 runs actually 5 seconds longer, than the Clip shows on its display.


2) Start the same song at same time on the Clip and Your computer (or another device which has a reliable clock). In my case, at the end of the titel the time-shift is clearly audible. I can also hear the lower temperament.

I turned off the equalizer but it makes no difference. Firmware is version V02.01.16F, which should be the latest. SanDisk telephone hotline only offered me to replace it, but had no further ideas.


I’m a musician and I’m sensitive for sounds. Maybe somebody else has no problem with this, but I’m unsatisfied with that performance.

Please excuse my English.


With kind regards


Mine seems to play fast.  A couple of seconds on a 6 minute song.  Then I made a wave file with just an A-440hz sin wave on the computer and put flac, ogg, and mp3 versions on the clip.  They all had a beat frequency against the original on the PC, about 15 beats in 10 seconds.

My other Sansa, an e270 seems to track exactly with the computer over a 6 minute song.

There was a similar thread on the Fuze forum.   

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