problem with sansa clip 2gb

for some resason i bought a sansa clip mp3, when i add music the songs are slow to play, i formatt it, i reset it but it still does the same thing there slow and i dont like that… is there a solution to this

What do you mean by slow to play. Do you mean it takes time before the song starts or the playback is noticeably slow. I say noticeably because careful measurement shows this to be the case but most of us are unable to tell simply by listening. 

I Mean The Song plays Slow its not that it takes time to play or something…i have a sansa e260r. i syncronize the music from windows media player right when im finished with the sansa clip to make sure if the problem is still there,the songs from the e260 is normall speed of the song,but the problem remains on the clip… it plays any song at slow speed