Slow motion song?

I recently purchased a Clip+ this past weekend and noticed that only one song out of all that were loaded onto the player played in slow motion. I tried deleting it and reloading but still does it. It doesn’t do  that with the original Clip. Is there a reason (possibly a solution) why it does this or would I need to download the song again? The song is mp3 format, by the way.

does it play okay on your pc? How does this song differ from your other songs? Is it variable bitrate?  Do you have the CD? If so, I suggest that you rip the song again from the CD. The file might be corrupted.

Wasn’t there an issue with frequency that might cause this?  I can’t remember for sure but I think someone had a file with a abnormal frequency (as is not your usual 44100 or 48000) that played umm… wrong…