MP3 songs played in slow motion...

Hallo. I have a Sandisk Sansa e250 mp3 player. I recently noticed that some songs are playing totaly slowed down. Few year ago I had the same problem with one song. It played in total slow motion, I was thinking it’s some satanic voices (got scared). Yesterday I added whole album and noticed pretty much one third of the songs are playing like this (this album has 25 songs). Does anyone know what is the problem and how can I fix it?

those song files have a sample rate unsupported by your player. change the sample rate of your files to somthing below 44100 hz.

What? An answer after 9 whole years? I don’t even remember writing about this on the forums. For what I recall, I already fixed this problem but don’t remember how exactly. Anyway after such a long time I don’t even use this device anymore.

In nine years, lots of things changed, now I mostly use my phone to listen music. Looking back I used Sansa e250 all the time, during night and day listening to Nightwish, and the songs that came with the device. I think I did that for about two years until finally finding other cool metal bands and advancing into the ranks of Metalhead. Times change though, and I started using powerful new mobile devices to listen music some years ago, but I will always remember this one for it was a gift from my brother. My old Sandisk Sansa e250 is now safely packed somewhere with the other unused old devices.

Regardless, thank you for an answer, you are an awesome person. Cheers!