songs play in slow motion

bought a sansa fuze for my father in law for xmas–was just downloading songs for him fter completion we tried to listen to the music and they are all playing in real slow motion–real draggy–what is wrong

Are the songs in the podcasts or audiobooks folder? Press the button at 6 oclock while a slow song is playing, and see if play speed shows up. If so, change it to normal.

I just updated my sansa 4gb with which I was very happy for many years until today. I was about to go on a trip and decided to update the firmware. WHAT A FREAKING MISTAKE!!!


Completely confused I decided to go online and search for the reason. It seems that this stupid update I did decides the level of bass I need, and when bass is too high, it slows down the playing!!! ABSURD!!!

Even more so, it seems Sansa does not see it as a bug on their side!

I am extremely angry, and will make sure to buy an ipod next time. I was really happy about my buy for 3 years until today, I am about to leave to the airport with no music for 17 hours. GREAT.

Apologies to other readers for the rant.


Many, many people have the latest firmware, including me, and do not have this problem.

You could always try downgrading. Go to the firmware update thread  and right-click on the All Regions link for your firmware version (1.x or 2.x). Copy Link Location, paste it into your browser, and change 1.02.31 to 1.02.28 or 2.02.33 to 2.02.28. Download the zip file, unzip it, drag fuzeA.bin onto the driveletter that says Sansa Fuze and it will install the older firmware when you disconnect. 

That will tell you if it’s the firmware update.

Now this is interesting.  Looking at the dates of the first posts, I see that they are from almost exactly one year ago.  Coincidence?  Is the Sansa affected by solar wind, neutrinos, or the winter solstice?  Food for thought.

I would try reinstalling the firmware if this change coincides with your difficulty.  The Sansa firmware is a complete system, and the firmware version can be changed at will, to any version desired.  Simply download the desired firmware build, and install manually by placing the bin file in the Sansa’s root directory, then unplug the device to begin installation.

Check your music files to see if the slow playback is happening on specific files, as there could be a problem on that end.  It’s also possible that the newer firmware version is parsing your file slightly differently, and there may be a problem with the music file.  In any case, if the earlier firmware version was happy, you can always revert back to that version.

I would lean towards reinstalling the latest version of the firmware, then try retransferring a new copy of your music file, to see if all is well.

Let us know how it goes!

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: