Help!!! Fuze playing back songs in slow motion

My fuze plays some of my tracks in slow motion. Not really sure why, the original file on my PC plays back fine. Only some tracks do this within paticular albums. Any ideas?

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OK… i think i found the reason this is happening. The problem is with the id3 tags, and i think it stems back to my itunes use a while back. Several tracks were converted into mp3 format with itunes, which gave the files incorrect bitrates. The files that were playing in slowmotion had obscure bitrates and odd frequencies. For example, one of the slowmotion tracks was being read at 56bitrate with a frequency 22050hz even though the actual bitrate was 192 with a frequency of 44100hz. So the problem isnt with my fuze, its with the files them selves, however the files play fine on my PC.

If anyone has an easy fix for correcting incorrect bitrate values and frequencies please let me know.

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There is an issue with the Fuze and IDtags that I reported, but my files wwere bought from Amazon and they froze the player and wouldn’t play at all. They are working on a fix but no ETA. The simple workaround was to delete the tag info. I used Mp3Tag :slight_smile:

I also froze my fuze with improper id3 tags.  The file names were correct, but several id3 tags were named the same thing and through off the fuze.

I have tried resetting the id3 tag info to fix my improper bitrate and freq information, but it seems like you can change that information.  The only adjustable info is the track, album, artist, ect. 

Its funny how the PC is able to play them correctly. All the music I converted from iTunes was ripped to CD then ripped back @ 192 bitrate wmas an they play fine. Perhaps the problem is in the software you used to convert them.

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Hi koop, it is indeed the bitrate and sampling rate that causes the fuze to play at weird speeds. However, id3 tags do not determine what those values are and you cannot change that info by changing the id3 tag. I’m somewhat certain it is an encoding problem if that file is at 56kbps and a sampling rate of 22khz. The fuze has problems with certain combinations of low biterate and sampling rate. Try re-encoding it to a sample rate of 44khz. Also you may want to start fresh from the original file, as the conversion to 22khz/56kbps has diminished the quality of the song by at least half.

A simple test you can try is to use winamp, and see what bitrate / sampling rate it reports for your troubled-file.

That should give us a good idea what we’re dealing with so get back to us pronto! =P

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windows explorer recognizes the correct values though.  In windows explorer, and foobar, the bitrate and frequency values are indeed correct.  However open the files with an mp3 tagg utility (ie mp3tag) the values are way off.  Some how the id3 information is incorrect but the original file is intact.  Ill prolly just re-encode them.