Some songs play really slowly


My newly bought Sansa Shaker has problems playing SOME MP3 songs: they play very slowly, I would say about 1/3 the normal speed. I have about 80 songs on it, and only 4 are played slowly.  When I play those problematic songs on my computer, they play at the right speed. Those songs were originally ripped from an audio CD, but other songs that were ripped from that same audio CD play just fine, so I don’t think the problem is with the ripping.

I tried deleting the songs on the Sansa and retransfering them from my PC: same result, i.e. slow songs.

I did check the battery, I even put a new battery in it.  It didn’t help.  :cry:

Any idea folks ? Do I have a bad unit that I should return, or could there be something wrong with the encoding/decoding ?

Thank you.

If you loaded 80 songs multiple times and it’s the same 4 songs consistantly then the problem is most likley with the audio files themselves. You can try to re-rip them via WMP to see if the issue still occurs.


     Can we have a fix for this problem?


I have the same problem, but it isn’t always the same song and it doesn’t always do it. I can’t seem to get it to fail while skipping songs, but while playing continuously it will eventually hit one that it plays slow. Its as if the decoder is misreading the mp3’s bitrate. I’ve tried a fresh battery, with the same results.

Same issue here.  Songs play slowly at random, and not always the same ones.  Can usually get them to play at normal speed by jumping forward or back a track and trying the slow track again - eventually.  No other player has trouble with the same tracks.

Would be great if a firmware update could fix this, but I don’t know if this player can even take them.