slow tracks

I have just bought sandisk clip, loaded tracks from windows media player. most of the tracks play normally, but some of them play at a very slow speed,

hardly moving at all.  anybody any ideas what is causing this to happen.  thanks. alex

This happened to me as well and I when I emailed Sansa they said to format my Clip and see if that fixes it - it didn’t… so right now I am ripping the songs off my CD again but I’m gonna try in a different format because all the songs that do play slow or won’t even play at all are all from the same album.

One song even caused my Clip to crash! I will post back to tell you the results after rencoding…

I have loaded 8 cd’s six of them have at least one faulty track and 2 play perfectly, there is no connection with the ones that are faulty.

three of the faulty tracks cause my clip to crash. 

I re-encoded my album and all the songs that were playing back slow on that album now play back perfectly fine!

If you’re interested I encoded them in 320kbps MP3.

I have had the same problem; I did a search for slow tracks on the net and found this to be very useful. . I found that using 128 bit rate and 44100 sample rate you do not run your battery down as quick. I would use Winamp instead of Windows Mplayer, Winamp just transfers better.


     I thought it was because I had tried to copy the cd too often, but I will try your solution.

Could you tell me how I encode the albums.


You just put your cd in your computer, open WMP and rip the cd in 320kbps MP3 (choose this from the options menu).

Works perfectly. Thanks for your help.