Random songs sped up, slowed down, skipping, freezing up clip

I copied my music onto my clip, and it seemed like everything was all fine and dandy until I ran into a song that was sped up. Thinking nothing of this, I just hit next. Then after listening to more of my music I realised that not only was that song sped up, some other ones were too. And also some of the songs were greatly slowed down, some of the songs would just skip after a second of the title scrolling, and some songs would just make the clip freeze up if they were played.

Thinking that it was just the songs that were messed up I coppied the songs onto my computer, and they played perfcectly. I copied them onto another mp3 player and they played perfectly. I even plugged it into an XBOX 360 and all the tracks played fine.

So I then tried backing up the songs on my computer, formatting the clip, and then recopying them. I still got the same results. THEN I tried updating the firmware, and that still didn’t help. I thought that maybe formatting the mp3 player again in the new firmware would solve the problem, but the songs are still messed up.

What’s wrong with my clip? I haven’t seen anyone with this problem…

that happened to me too but it just skipped an entire album and froze. I tried pushing some buttons and nothing happened.

What’s going on? 

It sounds to me like telephone calls to SanDisk’s customer service are needed …

what is your songs format?  mp3, wma, wav, ogg? and do you know what bitrate and sample rate on those songs?

They’re all 96kbps mp3’s.