MP3 songs no longer working on Sansa Clip 4GB

Usually, I get this problem when trying to download mp4 songs onto my Sansa Clip. The songs will transfer, but the it skips and fuzzes and distorts the song to where its unlistenable. Generally, my Sansa Clip will skip the song after a few seconds or a third into it if I really push it.

But since I’ve purchased a new laptop (Asus, with windows 8) all .mp3 songs are giving me this problem. No clue what to do about it.

What bitrate are the files? 

Open one of the files on  your computer in WIndows Media Player and click File and Properties. 

What is the source of the problem files? Did you download them from somewhere, or did you rip them from CD’s yourself? If ripped, what program and settings did you use?

I think it’s a bitrate issue here. It would really help if you’d tell us where you downloaded or got these mp3s.