Sound on Sansa clip

ok so my mum who is about 350 miles away has trouble with her sansa clip which is like a huge issue because she listens to it all the time!! Basically no sound is coming out and the timer is not running at the bottom. Otherwise it is starting fine and showing the book she is trying to listen to. Someone help me please.

The player may have been paused by accident. On the control ring try pushing the >ll (play/pause) button and see if starts.

Thank you so much for writing. It is not paused. It comes up to play and then does nothing. It all looks so promising until its supposed to actually start talking and it doesn’t. Any more ideas? Thank you

Has she tried a system reset?  Hold the on switch uppermost for 15-30 seconds.  She also could try reapplying the latest firmware, either manually or using the Sansa Updater (see the firmware upgrade sticky at the top of the forum)–the firmware could have become corrupted over time.