Sound not working

My two boys and I were at the beach and one of them dropped the fuze from the boardwalk onto the sand below.  Now the music coming out of the player comes in and out.  How can I fix this?  I tried resetting it, but it didn’t work.

It suggests the headphone is not making a good connection. Shake the Fuze to get any sand out of there. Twist the headphone plug as you put it in.

Otherwise, the fall may have damaged the headphone jack connection inside the Fuze, and unless you’re good with electronics yourself, there’s no way to get it repaired. 

Thank you for your reply.  My neighbor took a look at the player and he found a loose wire in the headphones, near the plug.  I plugged in an old pair of headphones and the music is playing fine now.

He also found some sand inside the card slot.  He sprayed some air into the slot to get it out, but there is still some sand inside.  Any ideas on how to get the rest of the sand out or is it messed up for good?

Just mechanical means–give it a shake–unless you have one of those little vacuum-cleaner attachments they make to clean computer keyboards.

It might work anyway. Have you tried a card in there?

Between shaking it, spraying air into the slot and then vacuuming the slot, all the sand finally came out.  I never thought I would have to use my vacuum’s crevice tool to clean an mp3 player!  :stuck_out_tongue:  Thanks again.