Music not playing correctly??

My daughter’s Fuze is not playing some songs correctly. Either a part will be missing or the singers voice is very low or you hear a beat from a different song over the current song.  I deleted the songs, reset to factory and reformated.  I also have check and it seems to have the latest filmware.  Any other suggestions?  TIA!

Did you check the files themselves? Do you hear these same anomalies when playing through say, Windows Media Player and your computer’s speakers?

Have you checked that the headphone cord is fully seated into the jack?

Yep, the music is fine from the computer.  I even tried a brand new CD we just purchased last night, which plays fine on the CD player.  I have tried different headphones and plugging it into speakers too.  TIA

What ripping software program are you using, and what format are you ripping to (.mp3, .wma, .flac, .ogg, etc.)?

When parts are missing or the singer’s voice is low, that’s usually a sign that the headphone isn’t fully plugged into the jack. The jack is very tight on a new Fuze, and this happens to a lot of people (including me when I first got a Fuze).  Sometimes the song seems to be skipping as well.

Push the plug in, not brutally but firmly, and give it a twist. I know it sounds stupid, but it often works.

What happens electronically is that if  the plug isn’t all the way in, what you hear is the difference between the two channels. The singer’s voice is usually in the middle, so it’s in both channels, and when the plug isn’t in corrently, it cancels out and disappears.

If you are absolutely sure that the headphone plug is in corrently, the jack may be defective or broken.  If it’s less than a year old, call 1-800-SANDISK about a warranty replacement.

We are using windows media player and the CD i just added was a wma.

I did try the jack thing with the headphones and speakers, but still getting the same issue.

Thank you so much for your help!