the headphone jack (internally) screwed up


I’m unsure if I have to send my sansa fuze in to get repaired or not, but the problem is basically that when I plug in anything to the headphone jack on my player (headphones, a cord connecting to my car, etc) the music is distorted.  this happened after i accidently yanked the headphone cord out of the player.  I know it’s an internal problem, but the player is past warantee and so I wanted to see if anyone knew of a good solution without having to open up the player and tinker with it, or without having to get it repaired by san disk…  if repair is my only option, does anyone know a good estimate of the cost or a website I can go to to seek out a repair?

thank you!

Sounds like a mechanical break in the connection. Have you tried with other headphones? If so, and the jack is messed up, you’re probably looking at a replacement.  Unless you are handy with a soldering iron and can do it yourself, a repair is likely to cost more than a new unit.