sound from jack

hello all

another problem with my sansa fuze 4gb. 

it might just be worn from use but i’m having problems with sound. i only get sound on the right from my fuze. i have used many different headphones and speakers with the same results. i wonder if the jack fitting inside the fuze is worn out or broken.

does any one know how i can repair/fix this. 

my fuze is just over a year old.

any help would be great!

Unless you can repair the connection yourself, it’s busted. The warranty only goes for a year, but double-check your purchase date to see if you’re still covered.

i own the sansa fuze 8gb and mine is haveing a problem witht the jack both play but its become delicate when i close my palm the audio stops video and mp3 and all head phones is use. is it beyond repair?