Some Problems

hi ppl, well first of all sorry for my english im not a native speaker so the post will have some errors, sorry :slight_smile:

Well i just bought a sansafuze (8GB) and i love it its great, but i have a problem with the headphones, the lesft side sometimes doesnt work correctly or it doesnt work at all, right side perfectly. Now i tried buying new headphones and its the same it looks like the problem is in the palyer cause i tried many headphones and all have this issue :frowning: , now is there anyway to solve this? i guess maybe and i hope your help. thanks for your time and again sorry for my english

Try manoeuvering (wiggling) the headphone jack to verify a mechanical issue with the unit.  It’s possible that you may have a connection issue, especially if the problem is affecting different headsets.

Looks like you may need to exchange your player for a new one.  They have a one year warranty.

Bob  :wink:

that happened with mine but i had reall y nice workout over the ear nike earphones. i tried a pair of panisonic clips and they work great!

A lot of people have noticed issues with their new Fuzes and the sounds and/or noises they hear through the earphones. Not to say that this is it, but it could be. The Fuzes come with a very tight headphone jack and the plug usually requires an extra little push to seat it completely within the socket when it is new.

Try pushing and twisting the plug at the same time to see if it will go any further into the jack. It may work; it may not. But it doesn’t cost anything to try.

If you hear no changes, then as suggested you may have gotten a bad one and should return it.