Audio Jack issue

OK I got a problem.

I have a sansa fuze that I got for Christmas. It has worked fine until a few days ago. It started off with just returning to the menu then that seemed to stop for awhile. Then yesterday it started up again. On top of that when I turned it on this morning my music played funny. I first thought it was my headphones, but when I switched headphones the problem persisted. I bumped my sansa fuze bottom end and for a split second the music was normal. What should I do because I can’t keep moving the player bottom to listen to music it gets tedious.

The headphone jack is tight when you first get the Fuze. It helps to twist the plug as you put it in.

But the headphone jack can also break. If you are sure you are getting the plug all the way in and you still have problems, it’s time to call 1-800-SANDISK and use your one-year warranty. 

ok i will

the number didnt work

If you have intermittant audio jack problems, here’s what you can try.  Get some WD40 and spray it on a Q-tip.  Then swab the Q-tip around an audio plug (from an earphone say).  Then push the plug in and out of the jack.  This should make the contacts better.  You can also try it with some contact cleaners from a local electronics store (Radio Shack should have them).  DO NOT spray any oil or solvent directly into the jack.  You’ll start shorting things out, and solvents on circuits boards will cause corrosion eventually.  This will work only if you have a contact problem.  If the jack has PC board soldering issues, you’ll have to open up the unit (this will void your warranty) and re-solder the solder joints (do this only if you know how).  Unfortunately, your syptoms sound like it is a soldering joint problem, especially if just twisting the plug does not help.  It may also be that the internal armature of the jack has loosened up, and is not contacting or putting enough pressure on the plug.  While you’re in there, you might want to check that there is sufficient tension on the armature to press against a plug.  It might be as severe as mis-alignment or mechanical distortion of the armature, then you’ll have to replace the jack.


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LJ0508 wrote:
the number didnt work

Try this:

North America Technical Support
1-866-SANDISK (726-3475)
8am - 7pm Pacific Standard Time
11am - 10pm Eastern Standard Time
CLOSED Saturdays and Sundays

or consult this page if you’re not in the States for the nearest Support Center near you.