It stopped playing music, now it only makes clicking noises

My fuze just started just started making a clicking sound.  I was listening to it this morning and it was fine.  This afternoon all I get is a clicking sound.  It was not dropped between times.  It is just about 2 month past warranty I think.  I have tried 4 different head phones and three different patch cords (to 3 different external speakers).  I have wiggled and turned the cords and checked them out on other electronics… they all work.  If you were to just look at the fuze you would think everything was fine.  The book or music file is displayed and it shows it is running.    This is my second.  My first one made some clicking noises when I used a thicker patch cord to connect it to external speakers (but not the thinner cheaper ones, go figure…  they were the same 3.5mm min cords); but worked for headphones.   It is running firmware ver.v.02.03.33A and I have run the sansa updater.  I put in a 32gb microsd card last moth and it has seemed to be working fine (I don’t know if this has anything to do with it).   I love my Fuze.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Please tell me it isn’t  anything but a glorified USB drive now.

You could try downloading a new firmware file onto the player (manually, do not use the updater tool as it will not work). If that doesn’t fix it, its probably broken.

It’s very strange for it to be showing the correct display but not playing. When you revolve the knob does it show volume increasing?

Sad to say, one of the weak points on the Fuze is the headphone jack–and once it goes, it can’t be repaired.  That may be happening  to you.  If for instance, you leave the phones plugged in while you wrap the cord around the Fuze, that’s a longterm strain on the jack.

As Saratoga said, it couldn’t hurt to reinstall the firmware. Just get the All Regions link for Version 2 in the firmware update thread near the top of the forum.

But if a connection has gotten loose…you’re going to have to get a replacement player.

Exact same problem.  Volume of the clicks does not change with the volume control.  I manually updated the firmware.  There was silence until I tried playing music.  Then the clicks begin.  Doesn’t matter if the music is paused or not.  Nothing but clicks.  All the screens work, equalization display shows normal music.

Player is 4 years old.  It had worked fine on a bike ride.  Apparently I did not turn it off, because the next day the battery was in the red and the clicks had started.  I’ve tried letting if fully discharge and charging.

Wierd…   I was letting it discharge one last time before turning it into a flash drive with the headphones in, and it started playing music again!  The battery is in the red, hopefully it will continue after I charge it up.

And now that it is charged back up, the “nothing but clicks” has returned.  Argh!

If it’s a clicking sound, it’s a first sign of a mechanical issue. Has this unit been dropped by any chance? <img src=“”/>