I’m experiencing problems with the headphones that came with the Sansa Fuze that I bought over a year ago. I can only get sound from one of the ear buds. My cousin tried her headphones, which came with her Ipud, and she said that she got the same thing sound coming from only earbud, and that it must be a problem with my MP3 player. Could the problem actually be with my player? And if so, what should I do?

If you put pressure on the headphone connector, while in the Fuze, to the sides, it may cause the connector in the Fuze to crack a solder joint. You can lightly try to jiggle the connector while listening to see if you get intermittent audio back on the missing channel. That would be an indicator this is the problem.

You can hook the headphones to a different device to test them.

You can use a line out device to test the audio thru the bottom connector, such as with the Sandisk Sansa Base Station, to verify the other internal items are working properly.

Resoldering the connector, if it is the problem, is possible but not for the faint of heart as the Fuze in particular is very delicate, and difficult to disassemble. Service thru Sandisk is possible, but, you appear to be out of warranty. Buying a new Fuze is an option.

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The connector is not a not a problem. I can use a line out device with no problem. And I’m broke, so I can’t exactly go out and get a new Sansa Fuze.

If it works fine connected to the line in of your stereo then the problem is with the earphones and not with the player. The  earphones included with a player are almost always low quality. Think of the included earphone as being “complimentary”, meant to just be used temporarily until you get something better… 

They should not be used if you want to get the best performance from your player. One doesn’t need to buy expensive earphones though. There are some moderately priced ones that sound quite good. Search the forums here for recommended budget earphones. Tell your friend with the fruit mp3 player to also replace the included earphone with something better. 

Yeah, that’s probably what I’ll end up doing. My birthday comes around later this month, and I should have enough money to get a good pair of earphones. Thanks.