Sound cuts out on one channel intermittently

I did search. I couldn’t find anything but some posts related to another model that suggested opening the unit and getting out a soldering gun. I’m hoping there’s a better way.

I have a 8GB Fuze. The stereo seems to dim or cut out completely on the left side. Sometimes it does this every few seconds the whole time it’s on, sometimes I have a few hours where it doesn’t happen at all. Headphones have been replaced twice… I was SURE it was the headphones at first because they were old. Unit has never been dropped, yanked, banged or otherwise abused. I’m royally annoyed since I got the thing for sound quality as it can play flacs, and other than this problem I’m very happy with it. “Other than this problem” is a bit of a laugh since it completely ruins the point of a portable music player to have the sound flickering in one ear.

If this is a known problem could someone link me to the appropriate help thread?


Hate to say it, but it sounds like a loose connection, which means a physical repair, which means you’d have to do it yourself. If it’s under a year old you have a warranty; if not, you’re pretty much stuck.

It’s under a year. I’ll investigate what it will cost me to send it back and how long I can expect to wait for it to be fixed…

I’m annoyed enough by this problem to not want to buy Sansa again. I’ve done nothing at all to cause anything to come loose.

Thanks very much.

I’m pretty sure shipping is covered. Call 1-866-SANDISK–it’s much quicker than the email method.

Thanks, I’m calling them tomorrow. I think you’re probably right about the faulty connection so I’ll consider the problem solved :slight_smile: