Extrememly Displeased. (To put it mildly)

I’m a tad, “un-happy” lets say.

I bought an 8gig fuze two months ago, because I was looking for a good ipod alternative (Don’t like ipods, but that’s another beast entirely), and was quite pleased with the fuze. Did everything I wanted. Did it well, and had several extra things that I wasn’t looking for, but was happy to get none the less.

I didn’t use it much for the first month (Basicly, I didn’t have time. Was very busy with work and such). But in the past month while I’vebeen using it every day, I noticed something odd. The left speaker was starting to get quieter than the right. Initially I assumed this was due to the headphones dieing on me. So I bought a new pair, assuming that would solve my little issue. Well. It didn’t. The new pair did the same thing. As soon as I plugged them in no less.

Since then. I tested all 5 pairs of headphones I have on it. As well as testing them on my computer and personal radio, to make sure it is the fuze it self, and not just a string of bad luck with headphones.

What I found, was that my fuze is somehow blowing the left speaker in everything that touches it (To much output to the speaker?).  Even tried a new pair of headphones on my computer first, and then on my fuze, and sure enough, after touching thre fuze, they no longer play with a 50:50 output. Instead, now playing with a 30:70 output.

It should be noted that I have’t thrown it against the wall, or run it through the wash. It’s been carried in my pocket, that’s about it. So I doubt this is something broken due to truama (Not impossible. (It seems like some electronics can break from a slight breeze sometimes) But my bet is on it being fualty from the start).

So now I have over 300 dollars worth of equipment, that’s effectivly garbage. (Yay!)

I could take back the fuze to where I bought it (Future shop). And tell them to replace it. But they wouldn’t. They would send it in to be fixed. And quite frankly, if this specific unit broke once. I’m not holding my breath that it won’t break again. (Had a pair of koss headphones that broke once, sent them in, got them back 2 months later, and they broke again after a week. In the same spot no less). I would much rather get my money back for it. But god knows that’ll never happen in this day and age. Store credit at best. And even then you **bleep** near have to take hosteges to get it.

I’m not trying to appeal to Sansa directly to give me a refund. That’s both pointless (Would never happen), and a bit childish. I’m simply warning people to watch out for this. And to keep your reciepts on hand. For your fuze, and headphones alike.

For the time being. I’m not sure if I’ll buy another fuze. Or move on to something else. Every mp3 player has its own little issues. But one where the player destroys anything it touches, seems like a pretty big one to me, and could potentially turn me off the brand entirely.

As you can see, you’re the only one who has this problem, so it’s just a lemon. While I feel for you, you can’t say that something is wrong with all the Sansa Fuzes’ because yours is a lemon. Lemons happen everywhere.

Yeah, that’s pretty much what I was thinking. It sucks, but what are you gonna do.

On a side note. All this talk about lemons has me craving some lemon tarts. Yum.

@lycao wrote:

Yeah, that’s pretty much what I was thinking. It sucks, but what are you gonna do.


On a side note. All this talk about lemons has me craving some lemon tarts. Yum.

Future Shop wont send it to be fixed because it is not worth it. They will replace it, and send your unit to Sandisk to do with what they will. I would take it back and get it replaced. If Future Shop wont do it… Call Sandisk they will replace it. 

SanDisk people do read messages here… I would give it a couple of days.