Sansa Fuze "skipping"?

I have a Sansa Fuze that I like to use with external speakers at my office.  Yesterday, it started cutting out.  I thought it was the batteries, replaced them, still having the problem.

I went out and actually bought speakers that don’t need batteries, and it STILL is cutting out!  It does NOT do this with the earphones.  Any suggestions? 

It’s probably the connection to the speakers. If you’re running them out of the headphone jack, make sure it’s plugged all the way in and give it an extra twist. The Fuze headphone jack is tight. Also, make sure the plug itself isn’t bent. 

Lots of Fuze users, including me, have had this problem and got all worried when it’s just a simple matter of pushing the plug in.

Still having problems, I have had the speakers for several months and had no problems until yesterday.  I tried what you suggested and it is STILL cutting out.

Very disturbing and irritating! 

Ah, too bad. But “cutting out” sounds like there’s an intermittent problem with the connection somewhere. A jack, a cord, the wires to the speakers–see what you can substitute along each part of the connection chain to track it down.