Sansa Fuze, music and fm radio stutters/skips.

As the thread title implies, the music and the fm radio skips a lot. I have tried reformatting, reseting, changing a song’s format to see if that was it but alas, it is not. Installed the latest firmware update for it ( 2.03.31A), but still have the problem. i searched about the threads about music stuttering, but those didn’t help either.

You may have already tried this, but did you make sure your headphones/earphones plug is pushed in all the way? The headphone jack on my Fuze is realllllly tight and if my headphone plug isn’t in all the way, I get all sorts of music/radio cutting out.

Yes, I tried it already and that was not the problem unfortunately.

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A faulty headphone connection is the only thing that will make it stutter or skip. If you are absolutely sure your plug is all the way in–push it and give it a twist, and also try a different pair of phones or earbuds in case for some reason the Fuze doesn’t like your pair–then there may be a bad connection inside the unit. If you’re still under warranty, call 1-866-SANDISK and get a replacement Fuze. Otherwise…

That sounds like it could be it, because I have already tried those suggestions. Luckily for my mother, she has a year warranty with Radio Shack.

Oh my word! My mother banged and squeezed it and now it works?! >_<!

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When the Fuze is new, the headphone jack is very tight. A bit of force is needed to get the plug completely in the jack. Don’t feel bad, as I had the same problem when my Fuze was new. After a plugging and unplugging the headphones a few times, the jack will get a bit looser.

Starkiss wrote:
Oh my word! My mother banged and squeezed it and now it works?! >_<!

That procedure always had the desired effect when my mother used to do that to me too. :stuck_out_tongue: