Music Keeps Skipping!!!!

So…I went to the store and bought a new fuz… I get home get it all running and put some music ln the player. I turn it on then listen to a song. I start the next one and it starts skipping majorly. I turn it off… and turn back on, it will fix itself… but then seconds later skip again and then again. I then turn it to the next song and then is keeps on skipping over and over and over again. What should I do? I have never had this kind of problem with my last player.

Hi Swimchick215

You should try updating the firmware on your fuze. Go to this link and follow the instructions

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9 out of 10 “skipping” problems are caused because the headphone jack on the Fuze is very tight. It happened to me. 

Take it out of its case/skin if you’re using one, push the headphone plug all the way in and see if the skipping goes away.

Then put it back in the case. You may need to widen the hole around the jack if your headphone plug is wide, so the whole plug is flush against the Fuze. 

I had this problem too, but the plug being tight was the issue. In fact even after 6 months of use it’s still as tight as ever.