Mp3 and FM Radio freeze up


I just bought a Sansa Fuze. The first one I got couldn’t hear a thing with the FM Radio application and whenever I tried to play the songs they sounded like the device had hiccup. I returned. They gave me a new one. Same thing happened, but when I got to the store the thing was working! But now, one minute it works fine (I can play the songs and listen to the FM Radio) and the next starts doing the hiccup thing. Can anybody relate to this? Does anybody know what to do?


The Fuze has an X-tra tight earphone jack. Make sure your’s is plugged all the way in. You may have to push harder than you think you need to. :smiley:

Yeah, I tried that, didn’t help…maybe I should get new headphones instead of using the ones that came with the sansa. Thanks for your help.

Yes please use other headphones, you’ll be glad you did!  Tried them once, they hurt my ears in every possible way!

BTW I get the hiccups too, but in my case if I push the headphone in too hard!  Sansa should really fix this hardware defficiency (it seems many many people have the issue), because otherwise they have a great player!

Sonia -

If it wasn’t the earphone jack itself, I doubt very seriously whether changing earphones themselves will help. It could be a known problem that SanDisk is working on and will hopefully have a solution for in the next firmware update next month.

Have you noticed that this happens when the back-light goes off, but as long as it is on your songs play normally? Are your symptoms similar to the complaint is this thread? Or this one?

Or are they anythng like the complaints here? Of course, your problem may be something totally different as you said it also affects the FM radio?

Thank you so much guys. Your answers solved the problem. I tried to push the headphones a little more in but no to much but I still was getting the hiccups thing. So, I tried new headphones, do the same thing and now my Sansa works perfect.  

Hopefully Sandisk will take note of this and fix the problem for the new models, it is just a small thing but could be really frustrating. I love my player, is pink and nice and now I can enjoy it:smiley:

Thank you again.