bad connection to speakers


I connected my sansa to some speakers i found at work…  (those old speaker used to come with your new pc…) anyway the sound is very low and it keeps kinda stutter like the cable connection is loose or something… anyway i check the connection and it’s not loose or anything… and i’ve checked with more 2 different speakers and i get the same problem. 

what the hell?? 

A lot of people experience this when using their head/earphones, especially the first time. The Fuze has an exceptionally tight headphone jack out of the box. It may be that those speakers you are trying have a ‘virgin’ plug and therefore it is not rounded or worn down and may not be getting inserted & seated 100% into the jack. Try giving it (the plug) an extra little shove into the jack of your Fuze, or remove & re-insert the plug a few times to loosen it up. Make sure it is seated firmly and completely.