Can someone tell me if its justs me or do all Sansa Fuze cut out when the headphone jack is pressed against the input socket on the Fuze.



How old is it? The connection could be wearing out. If it’s new, return it.

Or it might not be pushed in all the way. Out of the box, these things have a very tight jack.

My roommate had some problems with hers at first, it seems fine now. Mine has always been fine. Maybe it will wear in or something. If it doesn’t return it.

It’s all about the plug position:

If the device is cutting out, have a close look at the jack.  Is the barrel of the plug resting against the body of the Fuze?  If not, try pressing inward a bit to seat the plug.  If there is no gap, try the opposite, pulling the plug outward slightly.  There were some devices with a quirky socket.

If all is well when pulling outward slightly, the jack may be the issue.  Many folks solved the issue by installing a little O-ring on the shaft of the plug, to keep it from resting as deeply in the jack.

Try a second headphone to see if the issue is the barrel length.  If the problem is found to be the jack itself, you can contact Support for a replacement under warranty.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Anyone know if there are any compatible replacement jacks? Mine is so worn out I have to hold the plug a certain way when running with it, so annoying.

I don’t know if there’s replacement jacks, you may need to look at the type of headphones you have and google it.  Or let us know what type you are using and maybe someone has some similar.

But if the headphones aren’t that expensive, think about replacing them. 

If they’re the original ones with the Fuze, you might want to consider getting new ones.  I’m glad I did and mine are inexpensive one but work good for me.

Have you tried new headphones? I had the exact same thing happening with my car/cassette adapter, I had figured my fuze was dying but I tried a set of headphones and it worked fine so I just replaced my car adapter and I’m all good

I meant the jack in the fuze, not the “plug” on my headphones.

I’ve replaced stereo plugs on several headphones as well as cables, it’s just, it would be very hard to do the same thing to the Fuze without a replacement that’s exactly the same or very similar.