SOS, How to recover non-saved recording


I rerecorded a lecture for 2 hours.

Mistakenly i power it off before saving the recording.

Hoe can undelete the file? Each and every undelete sw (including LC) can not see the memory of the SANSA CLIP 2G i gave.

Will very much appreciate a solution.

Thanks, yehuda

Sorry… there really isnt an undelete. There have been instances with other players where recovery software has worked but in all of those situations the file had been saved completely and then accidentally deleted. I think because your recordings probably never made it to the hard memory of the player but were rather in the ram, it may be impossible to get your files back. I would keep trying softwares that can try to recover it. Maybe some one else will have a solution that is easier.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

The SANSA, i believe, does not have big RAM and the data is directly written to the flash. The problem with the SW i was using is the fact it can not see the SANSA memory.

Will keep on waiting for a tentative solution.

BR, yehuda


I have not written a line of code in several years.

I would not know how to pick the corn bits from the turds (the WAV file sectors from “random other stuff” on the drive).

With that out of the way, if nothing has overwritten the data, and, you have a way of pulling your content out of a file that holds it (there is probably “smart” recovery software that can do that when working with ISO or other “bulk” files), then it should be trivially easy to get ALL the unallocated capacity (sectors that are NOT allocated to an existing file).

All you’d need to do is write a short program in any language you have at your disposal (any language that has rudimentary file management functions). 

Step one would be to open the file for random or binary access, or whatever terminology your language uses.

Step two would be to allocate ALL available space on the drive to that file.

Step three would be to CLOSE the file.

Step four would be to copy the file to your hard drive.

The final step would be to pull your recording out of that data that you’ve copied to your hard drive.

I can kind of recall doing similar stuff with an ancient XENIX system many moons ago, and constructing dBaseII headers and file structure (after doing a bit of massaging to the data) so that after it was recovered it could be used on a PC.

I do not look back longingly on those days!

Edited to add standard disclaimer: The above is NOT consultation, advice, or anything to be construed as my directing you as to what you should do with your machine.  It is merely my musing as to what I would do if I were in your situation.  If you choose to emulate anything that I’ve descrbed, you are doing so on your own, and all risk, liability, and consequences are entirely yours.

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I washed my sansa clip now it wont power up. How can I get a file off the unit?


1.  DO NOT TURN IT ON!  And, in fact, I would put it into the hold position, so that it doesn’t turn on mistakenly.

2.  Shake out as much of the water as you can.

3.  Optional:  some people will pour distilled water through the Clip’s openings, to wash out any impurities that got into it.  If so, when done, again shake out the water.

4.  Put the Clip in a nice, warm place to dry.  Note:  do not bake it in an oven!  Some people also will place the Clip in a container of rice, to absorb the water.

5.  After a few days (yes, days), if it appears dry inside, try it–hopefully, it will work!