Accidentally deleted a voice file from Sansa Clip. Help!

I recorded something under the Voice function and saved it. I later accidentally deleted the file directly from my Sansa Clip. Is there anyway to retreieve the file?


Importantly, do not use the device until you attempt recovery.

thanks. I did run the program, but it would not search my Sansa Clip. When I tried to recover a file in a specific location I got a message saying “The folder My Computer/Sansalip cannot be used. Please choose another folder.”

You also could try EASEUS Data Recovery Wizaed–nicely regarded.  See if it can find anything and the free trial will let you recover a single (small size) file.

Also, DiskDigger (freeware). 

Make sure the Clip is connected in MSC mode (just in case Recuva lets you select an MTP device which probably won’t work).