Can't recognize saved recorded files

I mainly use my Sansa clip for recording lectures. I was listening to one recording today. I know Sansa automatically turns off after being paused for a few seconds (maybe after 30 seconds??). When I turned my Sansa back on, it froze. I held the power button until it shut off (which was less than 10 seconds) and I turned it back on. When I tried to listen to the recording again, it wouldn’t play. The file was recognized on the Sansa player and the memory says I still have 358 mb left. So, I plugged the Sansa into my computer and it didn’t recogize the saved files. They are ALL GONE!

After this happened, I decide to recorded another file, for 4 seconds. Sansa clip didn’t recognize the file, but my computer did.

My computer recognizes hidden files and folders. So, I know that can be an option.

What happened?? Where are my files?? Are they deleted indefinitely? Can I recover these important files??


Message Edited by calmoradie on 05-01-2009 11:48 AM

Do you see the Record folder, then within this, Voice and FM folders?

These folders should be available in both MSC or MTP modes.

Bob  :dizzy_face: