HELP!!! (with sansa clip+)

Hello everyone,

I’ve made an incredibly stupid mistake with my sansa clip+. I was formatting some other USB sticks while I had it plugged in as well… And as you might already guess, I accidently formatted the sansa clip+ as well :frowning:

Is there anything that can be done? I don’t have back up files anywhere… And putting in the firmware file manually doesn’t seem to be working as well, only ‘file not found’ appears…


if you wish to recover the files from the player you can try to use a recovery software like rescue pro or recuva to recover the files from the player.

if you want to recreate the folders that were previously in the player you can just plug off the player from the pc and it will automatically rebuild the files. so after that you can plug it back in and use the player as new with all the file formats.

Recuva (freeware) gets hughly recommended.

Recuva (freeware) gets highly recommended.