Restoration of unsaved voice record

Hello everybody!

In my last undergraduate class I had attended, when I was saving my two hours I had recorded the lecturer (with his permission of course) - in the “Save recording?” menu I mistakely pressed the button when the “No” was highlighted and picked up the “No” instead of “Yes” so the record was not saved. I didn’t tried to record since then.

Is there any way to restore the lost data of the unsaved record? Please  

Very important.

Please, Very critical. Thanks.

Check out Internet freeware Recuva software.  Well regarded.

Thank very much dear.

I will report to you if anything is going on

JUst to check on this Toto, were you able to recover the files using Recuva?

It’s not working for me :frowning:

@t8078rp wrote:

It’s not working for me :frowning:

What isn’t working? :confounded:

If you want help, you need to at least say what your problem is. :wink:

I have the same problem!!! could you recover your file?

@brielle wrote:

I have the same problem!!! could you recover your file?

I answered you in your earlier post. No need to post the same question in a different board. Especially since you said you have an e250; this board is for the Clip & Clip+ and this thread is 2 years old. :wink: