Lost voice recordings

I have recorded several conferences and was going to transfer them to a disk when I saw that most of them had disappeared from the memory. I know they were there because I listened to them after recording and I also am dead sure I did not delete them. I tried both Recuva and Rescue Pro but both programs fail to see the connected Sansa Fuze even though I see it on both Media Player and Computer. I must recover these files! What should I do next?

You can try switching USB mode–Settings/System Settings/USB Mode  to MSC.

That will make the Fuze look like a flash drive to your computer, and show different folders from the MTP connection (which is where Auto goes since you have Windows Media Player). You computer can only see one mode at a time.

  Search with your computer first before trying recovery software. But if the files are not showing in memory, don’t get your hopes up.

Could be possible that kids played with the device. I had this issue before, I found out that my kid played with it and accidentally deleted the recording. 

Back everything up if your a doing the recovery. 

I was transferring a voice recording file from internal to the SD card  It wasn’t moving and had a message that the clip- was busy.  When I hit cancel to stop the transfer the file was gone.  It was no longer showing on the internal or on the SD card.  

Where did it go?  I saw it, as I chose it to move.  I put both the clip+ as well as the SDcard through file restore and nothing.  This was an important document and I do not understand how it could disappear

Don’t know what you were using for file restore but you could try a freebie called Recuva. 


Also, if the file was somehow corrupted, it could be on there unrecognized, since the display will only show the file types it knows. Have you connected in both MTP and MSC mode (Settings/System Settings/USB) and looked for files from the date of the recording? 

Transfering data directly from flash memory to flash memory is not a good idea, and often causes problems. You should  copy the data to your pc hard drive, then  copy it from there to the other flash memory. The player is also likely to not be able to access the internal flash memory and the card memory of the player at the same time.

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@tomhackth wrote:

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Note that the *free* version only scans & lets you *preview* the lost files. If you want to restore them, it’s 50 bucks!

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Personally, I like Recuva.

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You can try using Recuva Pro Recovery Tool for files recovery on your device, It is supported by both Android, IOS and PCs (Windows), You can check if it also supports Mac though… But i have been using it from like 2 years now and its a dope piece of software :wink: