Sansa Fuse makes me want to bash my head in atm

For some reason my SanDisk Sansa Fuse MP3 player just froze up and refused to turn on (it was not mishandled to cause this either.) When it finally turned on a day later only the first 42 of my 200 some-odd songs remained. Now the files inside my internal memory show up blank when opened in a computer file, there are no traces of the songs in these computer files and every folder has been duplicated, yet on the mp3 player there are still 42 songs. I have NO clue how this happened and as I’m not allowed to keep music on my computer without my mother going insane, I have nothing to back up everything I lost except a few cds.

Did you try changing the USB mode on the player, then connecting again? I suggest you first salvage your music, either from CDs you have or from the player. Once you have all your music on the pc in mp3, then burn it on some recordable DVD-r(or DVD+R) or CD-R disks. Format the Fuze using its menu.  Set the USB mode on the Fuze to MSC, connect it to the pc, then copy and paste the folders of music to the Fuze. If you have all your music on CD-R or DVD-R(or DVD+R) disks, then you can delete it from the pc.

Sad!!!   >.<

Database corrupted maybe!

Try… Settings | System Settings | MSC… connect to PC… Maybe still there!

If not… Settings | System Settings | MTP… Check!

If not still… switch to MSC… then… <drum roll>

FILE RECOVERY! YAY!!!   :smiley:

Best backup plan! Avoid unfun momz!



Photobucket sucks…

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