Sorting music by album title

Having loaded my music collection on to my WMD I’ve found that when using either the iPad or iPhone app to access the music folder, compilation albums are split into separate albums for each artist featured on that album. Is there anyway to override this annoying feature so that all the tracks from the same album are kept together as a single album ? Additionally, the iPad app also reorders album tracks alphabetically and not in the order in which they are on the album.

A great device, spoilt by some fundamental errors in the apps.

check the ID3 tags and make sure the artist is the same for all the songs you want in that album. If you have artist1 listed for some songs and artist1 with artist2 listed for others they will show up separately. 

for the track ordering make sure the ID3 tag track number is listed. If not it will default to alphabetical. 

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Thank you for response, but I don’t really want to lose the artist information. I use iTunes and for compilation albums set album artist to ‘various artists’ which then allows me to sort by album title, thereby keeping all compilations albums as a single album. I don’t want to have to edit the tags differently between iTunes and the Sandisk app. Surely the Sandisk app should be able to sort by album title.

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This is extremely annoying.

Also, even with ID tag having the track number, all my music comes out alphabetic.