Play All mode never play songs in order

When I select Music > Play All, the songs play from # 1 - 200+ or so, but they are completely out of order.  In fact, I beleive them to be played in a more random order than the Shuffle-Mode, surprisingly!  I figure if I put 10 albums on there and each Album is in a folder and each album/folder has a set of track that are labeled 01-track,02-track, etc… then the MP3 Player should play all albums and songs within each album/folder in alphabetical order.  Is this not reasonable to assume?

I would love to have a feature added to allow it to play alphabetically, sorting the folders (albums) and going to each one in order.

Unfortunately, the Clip does not (at least currently) play by folder and file name, it plays by ID3 tags.  Are your songs correctly tagged, so as to keep them in order?

Yes.  They always play in order when I use WinAmp, or so on my old SonicBlu Rio S30S MP3 Player, if i transfered files over in order, they’d stay in order.  I suppose that was because the RIO App would make its on internal playlist.

But yes, mp3s are all painstakingly tagged and setup correctly.

I decided to look around more and I used Winamp to make a playlist of what’s on my MP3 player and save it on the MP3 Player Music folder.  That way the songs play in order :)  Kinda of silly, but very easy to do.


It plays them in order by song title (assuming your tags are setup), which makes it seem pretty random since it will jump from artist to artist.  At least, that’s how mine works :wink: