List All Songs?

Hi, I have a quick beginner question:

I’ve just finished loading all of my music onto my new SanDisk Sansa clip+, and I’ve run into a problem. In the individual sections for each of the artists, there seems to be no way to list all of that particular artist’s songs in my library. Instead, there are only folders for each album, and the “Play All” option. Now if I want to play a particular song by this artist, I have to go into the respective album folder, and select the song. This works fine if I can remember the album for every song I want to play, but if I can’t remember, I have to go looking through each folder.

What I’ve seen before with portable mp3 players is a way to list all of a particular artist’s songs in alphabetical order, regardless of the album its in. Is there any way to do this with my device? I’ve been looking through menus on the device itself, and on this forum, but with no luck so far.


You can see all the songs by an artist by choosing the artist, play all, then pressing the button at 6 oclock and choosing back to music list. The song list won’t be in alphabetic order though. They will be in order based on the order of the albums, ie. first albumm song 1(based on track number), song2, song 3, …last, second album song 1,song 2, etc.

It would be nice if the they could be listed in alphabetic order. I guess as a workaround you could try putting all the songs by an artist in a single folder, then browsing the folder using music, folders. This will list all the songs by an artist in alphabetic order(asuming the filename is the song name). I guess this could become unmanigable though when you have a large number of songs by one artist. Having too many songs in a single folder might bog down the player.

Thanks for the reply. This is basically what I was looking for. Its a shame about not being able to put it in alphabetical order though.