Sansa Clip+ 8GB


i just get a new Sansa Clip+ 8GB but i cant make my own order to the songs =\

It’s always the same order no matter what i do.

Do anyone knows what im doing wrong? =\

Please help me!

Thank you!

If you want to play songs in a particular order, maybe you should consider using the GoList or making a full-blown playlist. Otherwise, your player is going to play them in alphabetical order as it reads the ID3 tags by default. Another option with the new & improved Clip+ is that it will also allow you to browse and play by folder. So you could stuff all the songs you want to hear in a folder of their own, and play it. I believe though, that it will play according to filename numerically and/or alphabetically from within that folder, so you’re back to the GoList (200 song limit) or a playlist if you must hear them in the order of your choosing.

There’s also a way to do it by manipulating/editing the ID3tags, but that’s an awful lot of work in comparison. One more thing . . . make sure your Shuffle feature is turned OFF. :wink:

The shuffle is turned off because it’s always the same order (the wrong one XD).

I tried to use the Go List but didn’t extactly succed =\

In the Go list the last file i will add will be the first to play or can i order it inside? if it’s the latter how?! XD

I’ve tried making a playlist using Windows Media Player: i used it to synchronayze some songs and it put them(tham? which is right? XD) in folders(the songs) and play them on the same order as usuall(like when im doing Drag&Drop).

I also tried to drag the playlist file that the WMP created but it didnt help =\

Have i done something wrong?


The play order is by tagged track# if present, and if you are tagging files yourself you need to fill in this field . Ripped or subscription music will generally be fully tagged.

If you want to play in a given order, mp3tag or media monkey lets you list based on your preference and than gives you a means of supplying track numbers to reflect that order.

The bottom line is, the Clip organizes files to play by the files’ ID3 tags, and it will play the songs in that order.  And so if you’re not doing up a playlist, you need to amend the ID3 tags.  Having said that, a playlist still probably is the best way to go.  The Clip manual discusses playlists and how to make them, if that might be of help to you.\_um\_0608\_eng.pdf

I’ve already tried this but i will use the manual…thank you.

And about the tags,if i’ll use one of those software im like making the order that i wants and the software its self arrenging it?

Thank you.

Playlist doesn’t work :frowning: still the carppy order lol

That doesn’t sound right. I find playlists a little confusing in so far as depending on how you make them, you may or not have to edit the pathnames. I’ve only used winamp. It might also depend on how you organize the files.

I have various folders under music. The folder name and embedded  album name match. I have no sub folders below this. The playlist is stored in the music directory. The clip doesn’t seem to handle the full range of dos pathname shortcuts, so things like ‘. \ …’ etc. may give problems. Doing it my way, this is a typical .m3u file.


#EXTINF:169,The Beatles - Day Tripper

Beatles\Day Tripper.mp3

#EXTINF:135,The Beatles - We Can Work It Out

Beatles\We Can Work It Out.mp3

#EXTINF:936,1812 Festival Overture, Op. 49 - 1812 Festival Overture, Op. 49 - Various

Tchaikovsky CD\1812 Festival Overture, Op. 49 - Various.mp3

#EXTINF:73,Mussorgsky - Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks

Pictures at an Exhibition\Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks.mp3

#EXTINF:115,Mussorgsky - Catacombs: Roman Sepulchre

Pictures at an Exhibition\Catacombs, Roman Sepulchre.mp3

#EXTINF:661,Mussorgsky - Night on Bald Mountain

Pictures at an Exhibition\Night on Bald Mountain.mp3

where I probably edited out extra stuff on the path name like \music, I can’t remember. Anyway there may be easier ways to go, I’ll play with Media Monkey, but regardless of how you make the playlist, it does play in the order written. I do notice in that list above, the information in the #EXTINF line is using tag data. I’ll play with using a list in which tag data is cleared.

If your playlist plays something, but not in the correct order, post the contents, maybe I or someone else can spot something wrong.

Note, I haven’t really used playlists much, just did what I have for self education and to verify this post. 

I’ve lost you after the 3 row…lol

The playlist does work-i can hear the songs but i meant that it is still the same order and not the one that i want…before I synchronizez I made an order but in the clip it’s another order…

Someone plz help me :frowning:

@wow214 wrote:

I’ve lost you after the 3 row…lol

The playlist does work-i can hear the songs but i meant that it is still the same order and not the one that i want…before I synchronizez I made an order but in the clip it’s another order…

This is probably a silly question, but you are listening to the playlist itself aren’t you?  The order on the device won’t change, but the playlist will be in the order that you made.

I would suggest media monkey, it’s easy to use and easy to make playlists, but it would take you a little while to figure out how to use it.  I think you might be looking for an instant solution, but there isn’t one besides you taking the time to learn how to get the results you want.