Music Playing Order

Have just purchased a Clip 8 GB. The only drawback for me (possibly my fault) that despite having created 3 music categories using Windows Explorer i.e. Classical, Folk and Shows and tranferred music to said files, when I wish to play, all the music/songs are mixed up together. Is there any way around this. Any advice much appreciated.



The Clip organizes and plays via the files’ ID3 tags.  Have you changed the ID3 tags, with a tag editor like MP3Tag (Internet freeware) or by right-clicking on the files under Windows and then going to the tag info. under the properties listing?

Thank you, Millerman. As a 70 year old, Am not very up to date with changing properties. For example, if  have 150 songs open in Windows Explorer, if there any way that I can, change to genere of all 150 in one action, or does each one have to be done in turn.

Again many thanks


It easily can be done in batches with a tag editor such as MP3Tag.  I thought one could with Windows as well, simply by selecting/highlighting all the tunes and then right-clicking and getting to the Properties/ID3 tag info. page, but I couldn’t get that to work for me just now and I’m heading out the door–perhaps others will have an easy how-to.